Man, the definition of Spam sure has changed over the years. It used to mean “a rapid fire repetition of the same line in chat.” Then it went to “any repetition of the same line in chat.” Then to “if the same person typed more than one line in sequence.” Stupid shit.


Some guy on facebook said:

So basically, no incentive for anyone to study hard and spend thousands or dollars and hundred of hours more to become a physician or any highly skilled profession to serve the community.

I’m sure there are many other aspects of Communism that are wonderful in theory, but in reality it simply doesn’t work.

I had to respond, to stand up against this childish thinking, and correct it like I would an unruly child. You’ll find my response below:

The “Communism” argument is so tired, expired, and disgustingly weak. People who try to hold back man from reaching towards civilization’s peak. People who stick “Communism” on any fucking thing that goes against the greed machine that Capitalism breeds. Grow the fuck up and share your toys with others Donald Trump. Stop trying to dump selfish ideas out your ass, camoflaged in the crap of false patriotism, shit stained nationalism. But, bitchy little “toddlers” throw tantrums, God I can’t can’t stand them, billions of toys locked away in his room, tellin’ us “we have the right to be greedy?” That’s not a goal, that’s what a rich man tells you when he doesn’t want to share. Get that crap outta here.

I’ll line by line these for you:
If your primary incentive for becoming a physician is money, you’re focusing on serving yourself, not the community.

A person shouldn’t have to spend anything for a college education of their choice.

Success shouldn’t be measured by how much cash you managed to stockpile.

Succcess should be measured by how positively you effect others lives.

TLDR: Dude, most parents I know teach their kids to share. Sharing /= Communism for fuck’s sake. Social growth /= Communism. Greed /= Good. Some rich motherfucker telling you “Vote for me, I won’t tax you.” just means he doesn’t want to BE taxed. And guess what? He taxes you, and makes damn sure to destroy any laws that require him to pay you a decent wage.

Freedom of Speech

What’s going on in America today disgusts me. White Nationalists, Klu Klux Klan, American Freedom Party, Aryan Nations, etc. ( more here ) spray painting hateful messages in public places ( article here ), violently killing two men who stood up for a muslim woman ( article here ), plowing into protestors ( article here ), and other disturbing, terroristic acts.

The movement has gathered so much momentum, that Donald Trump was aided by these groups in his candidacy to become President of the United States ( potus ). That this happened in American History, that we the people allowed these Nazi groups to gather so much strength that they helped get a candidate elected as President, after my grandfather and his brother fought and killed Nazis in World War II to protect humanity, warns us that we’ve got huge problems in the United States of America. How did we let this happen?

America’s past is bloody and violent – slavery, civil war, world wars, etc. The Civil War was absolutely caused because the confederacy wanted to continue to keep slaves ( article here ). The civil war ended legal slavery in the United States. World War I ended a violent struggle for power to control others. World War II ended the Nazi agenda of genocide, and Japan’s struggle with it’s own fear of getting stomped flat by western powers. ( article here ).

I can get into smaller examples around the United States of America that show these thought patterns in action, ranging from the hanging and burning alive of African Americans by Klu Klux Klan members, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, to a teenager posting a video online of KKK hanging a black man ( article here ). I can show many instances of Nazi thinking causing acts of violence against others who don’t fit the Nazi idea of what a human should be ( article here ) – remember, Hitler used fear to gain support when he started. From this, we can see that any groups who promote these past violent acts, these past violent thought patterns, must be stopped.

The main argument I see today in favor of these hate groups has to do with the United States’ Freedom of Speech as applied to Hate groups:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

People who espouse this as the reason that we must continue to allow these groups to do this fail to see one very important point clearly – Nazis committed genocide because of what they thought, because of the Nazi thinking process. I’ve seen defenses like this:

I disagree. Our freedom of speech is at the very essence of who we are as a nation. It’s easy for me to say that they can’t speak when I find there ideals repulsive. What happens if they gain power and shut down my speech because I stand for equality regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

One thing this individual, who’s name I’ve omitted, fails to see (or ignores) is that these Nazi groups can use the Freedom of Speech to rally like minded people to them, and if they become numerous enough, they will take over our country right in front of our eyes, which might be what’s happening with the election of Donald Trump. If these people do take over, you can expect that our Freedom of Speech about what’s right and good for human life will be obliterated.

Do you want to allow the United States of America to go back to slavery? Do you want to go back to genocide because you feel your race is superior to others? Do you want to go back to allowing those governed by greed, who have money, to have the power to govern (World War I)? Let’s get back to the question I asked a few paragraphs up.

How did we let this happen? We did nothing. We pretended that there’s nothing going on. We stayed in our semi-private personal bubbles, where the effects of recent times might not have touched yet. We allowed ourselves to feel that our votes and voices don’t matter.

There’s a difference between speaking out, rallying, and promoting actions that help people live peacefully, and speaking out, rallying, and promoting things that the Nazis did, and the Nazi way of thinking.

Freedom of speech ends as soon as you make a solid threat. It ends when you call your boss a f**khole when he’s standing behind you without you knowing. It ends when you say something hateful to friends or loved ones that hurts them deeply. “Freedom of speech” for too many equates to “there’s no consequences to my words.”

We have laws to bind back our actions for a reason. I’m going to get graphic here to show my point. It’s not allowable to promote rape, to rally for rape, to promote the thinking around rape. No, hell no. That’s disgusting, immoral, putrid. The thinking involved with rape is just as disgusting as the thinking behind the actions of the Nazi regime. The genocide of Jews, and anyone not fitting the Nazi agenda, is disgusting. We cannot allow this to continue.

Did I make my point clear for you now?

Hellcat5’s Guide to How to Write a Guide

We’ve all been to forums that confuse us worse than Donald Trump. The game developers put a lot of effort into creating the game, but sometimes they don’t do much to organize the forums in an intuitive way. Or, the players create topics all over the place that have nothing to do with the forum’s structure, and the moderators don’t do anything to move the topics to an appropriate section, or delete them if they’ve got nothing to do with the game.

Game developers and publishers should pay attention to this because it shows a lack of attention toward the gaming community, and negatively effects the length and value of the game life-cycle by causing new players to become confused when trying to seek answers. When players can’t find answers to their gaming questions, they leave the game. Confusion isn’t fun.

When you find a game you enjoy playing, it’s great to bring more players to the game. If these new players can’t find answers to their questions about the game, they’ll leave. I wrote this guide as part of my series about how player communities can take action to improve game forums and wiki entries when the developers and forum moderators seem uninterested in doing so, or, perhaps, don’t have the ability or resources.

I’ve written this guide in two ways: one for those who enjoy exercising their minds, the other for those who want a quick reference guide to follow.

Quick Reference:

  1. Write out the points you want to explain in an outline to keep you on track.
  2. A writer writes best when a writer writes the least amount of words possible.
  3. Don’t talk down to your readers.
  4. Don’t use un-necessary big words.
  5. Know what a phrase is.  Know what a clause is.  Know how clauses fit together to make sense.
  6. Don’t use passive voice to explain how to do something.
  7. Write what you know.  Let your writing speak for itself.
  8. Know and use grammar.
  9. Don’t use rocketships as paragraphs.  Organize your writing neatly.
  10. Don’t make your writing look like a coloring book.
  11. don’t overuse images, but use enough to clearly guide your reader.

For those who might enjoy a ride down an erudite rambling road, or, for those who want to know more:

What makes me an authority on “How to Create a Guide?”  I could dazzle and bore you with extensive, interminable, long words, but I won’t linger on that.  I might befuddle and bemuse you, but I don’t intend to confuse you more than necessary to explain that a writer writes best when a writer writes the least amount of words possible.  In short, be short.  Don’t drag on, or try to impress others with lengthy vocabulary, but also try to use the best words to represent the ideas you intend to communicate.  

In today’s world, on today’s internet, we see many people writing in a way that belittles, criticizes, or patronizes others.  If you want to put on display a weak ego, one seeking to aggrandize itself, go for it.  I write this in risk of seeming pretentious, but I think if you decide to think about it, you’ll find I’m not preposterous.  Don’t talk down to your readers.  Don’t use un-necessary big words.

Be sure that your phases fit together to create clear functioning sentences.  Otherwise, you end up with phrases that might make sense to you, but only bring your reader to a state of ambivalence or apathy.  Make sure you write all those delicious details swirling about in your head down on paper.  Or in this case, in the post.  Know what a phrase is.  Know what a clause is.  Know how clauses fit together to make sense. [ Clauses and Phrases ]

Avoid passive writing.  Examples – “the dishes were done,” “the car is at the house down the street,” and “this will be the place where every question is answered.”  These leave unanswered questions, which interrupt the logical flow of sentences into the paragraph into the page into the chapter into the book.  Who did the dishes?  Why is the car at the house down the street?  Who drove the car to the house down the street?  Passive writing serves only to confuse by leaving out important details about actors (those who commit actions), which steps away from the purpose of language, which is to communicate what we know to others.  Don’t use passive voice to explain how to do something.  Know how to identify passive voice. [ What’s the Problem with Passive Voice ]

Some people try to assert themselves into the role of “authority,” or to convince you that they know what they’re talking about by using logical fallacies.  Example:  “I have 5 years experience with cooking hamburgers, so I know how to run a hamburger restaurant.”  No, you know how to cook hamburgers. Or,  “No one who knows what’s really going on will say that.”  Don’t be an imbecile, thinking it’s best to try to establish the role of authority by covering your lack of knowledge with empty statements of emotional compulsion that play on the human nature.  Doing things like that only serves to hurt the community.  You can look at America and Trump to get the idea.  Write what you know.  Let your writing speak for itself.  [ Your Logical Fallacy is … ] [ Pragmatic Disorder ]

Some people almost instantly discredit themselves by ignoring the basic rules of written communication.  Don’t rush when you write, neglecting grammatical problems because that communicates a frantic disregard for clarity and a lack of interest in precision.  Why should readers want to read a guide by someone who doesn’t pay attention enough to notice multiple mistakes?  Doesn’t that imply that the writer might have missed important details regarding the topic to which he’s writing?  Know and use grammar.

Well, how can
I go about this topic
to best get the point across…
 Ah.  Here we go.
While it might
be creative in your mind to
create odd
shapes to your paragraphs,
 you end
up breaking
apart phrases and sentences
 from the way we typically read them,
thereby aiding the forest
in making your reader
become lost on your point.

While you might intend this to generate more interest in your writing because “it’s a neato shape,” it serves up, at most, a brief interest in seeing words glued together in a rough word collage, with a side of frustration.  Ultimately, this repulses readers who otherwise might have read your guide if it were arranged in the common paragraph.  Organize your writing neatly.

Many people use high-lighters to give emphasis to different sections of books they’re reading.  Using bright colors is great for those who want to go back later to make notes or remind themselves of things they find important to remember.  However, the writer should sparingly use emphasis, instead leaving well formulated sentences and paragraphs to make his emphasis for him.  Don’t make your writing look like a coloring book for kindergarteners.  Likewise, don’t overuse images, but use enough to clearly guide your reader.

If you see something i’ve missed, comment below. And when you die, remember to scream.