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Catastrophe – picture this. you’re searching the internet for information on how to collect the all the outfits and paint jobs for Dying Light. you find one wiki site on the first page of results that made you think, “Oh hey, this looks like an official wiki. It should have all the info I need.” You move on because it doesn’t have ALL the paint job locations, or ALL the outfit locations. You find another site that looks promising, but when you open the page, it brings up advertisements that tell you to update your google chrome or other browser. You fall for it, thinking you need to upgrade. It’s been a while since you did that right? Sites can detect if you’re using an older version right?

After “updating” your browser, now you’re seeing some different search engine, or seeing some new tool bar showing up in the browser. Then, later, your browser gets hijacked or you get phished because you unknowingly installed malware from an advertisement. Not fun to undo that. Catastrophe provides safe links to the tools and references you need for your game.

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