Who is Hellcat5?

I’m a long time gamer. I started gaming with my father on an original atari system on an old CRT Tv. We played a game called “asteroids”. Gamers from that era might recall what I’m talking about, or those interested in the nostalgia.

The name Hellcat5 came from me sending in a registration card for a game produced in the 90s called Wing Commander.  In the box the disks came in, was a paper registration card.  The card had the standard questions about address etc.  Also it had, “do you have any ideas or suggestions you want to share with us?” or something like that.  I wrote in, “name a ship the hellcat mark v.”  In Wing Commander 3, it happened.

I love gaming, and I always will. I started a group called 1618 Studios with Jim Lawrence to move into making games directly because I love programming, and I love games. While that en devour hasn’t produced anything tangible yet, the idea for 1618 Studios remains in tact, and will continue at least for as long as I’m alive.

I’ve suffered from extreme depression, diagnosed with major depressive disorder. I’ve had potentially two experiences with a stroke type called cerebral infarction, so I’m lucky (or blessed) to be able to communicate as I can. Some days aren’t so great because I stutter badly at times, but other days I manage.

So, with whatever time I have left, I’m going to invest my energy into doing what I love, and supporting the things I’m passionate about. I’m certainly not afraid of the fire.

Now, I’m going to tell you what this site is about. I searched the internet for information on how to collect the all the outfits and paint jobs for a game called Dying Light.  I found one wiki site, and thought, “Oh hey, this looks like an official wiki.  It should have all the info I need.”  After reading over the wiki, I quickly found it didn’t show me ALL the paint job or outfit locations.

I created this site to be a complete information source for whatever you want to know about your game. Hellcat5.com provides links you can trust to be safe and free from connections to malware or other computer security related issues.

Check back and you’ll see that happen.