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I started playing league of legends back in 2009 when they released it, on October 27th, 2009.  I introduced it to my son shortly after and we played together for years.  He drifted into playing other games.  League got too frustrating, and I understand why.  A lot of people don’t understand what’s going on with the mechanics.  They don’t things, and because they don’t, the enjoyment of the game for other more experienced players on their team is far less.  I’m going to bridge that gap with information i’ve never seen given anywhere before.  At least, not in the words I’m going to use.

roles revised

Way back at the start of LoL (that’s what we commonly abbreviate League of Legends as, lol.)  The roles in 2009 were: Jungle, Nuke, ADC (attack damage carry), Tank, and Support. These roles were mostly misunderstood, and never really explained clearly.  At one point I read where someone tried to say that the Tank was the initiator, but Tank and initiator are two very different thoughts for new players.  Many times I see Tanks wondering around in circles waiting for someone to start the fight when it’s their job to start the fight.  But, let me talk about the roles and lanes separately.


These champions have skill sets that let them get in, kill a squishy, and get out.  Zed is a great example of this kind of champ, same with kha-zix.  Or you might think of Pyke.  You can find all these located at the champions list link below.  Assassins are generally not champs you want to try to learn when you first start League of Legends due to difficulty of kill and  escape mechanics.


These guys have more beef than assassins, don’t do as much burst damage, but do a good amount of sustained damage over a fight.  Their skill sets typically involve crowd control of some sort, and sometimes a stun to help stop enemy champs from attacking the back line champs like the mages and marksmen.  The act of stopping enemy champions from attacking your marksmen and mages is called peeling.  This should be a priority at all times during a team fight for fighters.  I’ll talk more about that later in a section about team fighting.


These guys usually do heavy crowd control or massive burst damage, usually both once the game gets moving.  They’re masters of controlling where the enemy team can move during a team fight, through either direct effect or fear of getting turned to goo.  Malzahar, Veigar, Neeko, and Lux are all examples of mages you’ll encounter.  Mages should not engage with crowd controlling skills (pulls, skill shot traps, etc.) without being very advanced at using them so as to not needlessly waste mana.  Instead, they should hold those skills to peel for themselves or for first their marksman and then other teammates.


These guys are your mobile towers, and you should treat them like that.  That means protect them will your dying breath, because they’re the primary source of constant damage during a team fight.  While mages burst damage then have to wait on cooldowns to burst again, the marksmen attack constantly with basic attacks as their primary source of damage.  their skills focus on enhancing their ability to damage the enemy team.  They often have skills that can enhance their own movement speed (like miss fortune’s W), or cause enemy champions to stop moving for a short time, like varus’ ultimate skill.


The backbone of the Marksmen.  Supports helps the Marksmen with sustain through healing or shields, and helps peel enemy champions from the Marksman.  The support role comes in two flavors – Jungle Support, and Marksman Support.  The bottom lane marksman support should never leave the marksman, and should only use skills for other champions only if the marksman is safe, and during team fights.  Many times Support is a Mage also, who can use skill shots to trap or damage an enemy champion.  Support Mage should not spam skills, but instead hold the skill shots for counter plays when enemy champs move on your team’s marksman.  The rule of Mages from above applies here.


These guys start the fights.  They run right in, and pick on someone, and still manage to be a threat even though they don’t do much damage compared to a fighter or marksman or mage.  Tanks can take a TON of damage, and the threat they carry is being able to beat you to death slowly while eating your bullets.  usually a bad idea to fight one of these alone as a marksman unless you’re very fed.  Think about Ashe trying to kill Chogath.  That’s not going to work out too well unless Ashe is super fed.



If you play Blind Pick, this is what people fight over constantly (top!! I want mid!, etc), and this usually ends up creating a bad team vibe unless people get to play what they want to play.  Nobody likes to play something they don’t want to.  I really think Blind Pick is outdated since they have Draft Pick mode now, and didn’t have the technology to create draft mode earlier.   Ranked functions the same as Draft now, whereas at the start of league there was no pre-position selection possible.

Top Lane

Talk about the possible roles to play here.

Mid Lane

Talk about the possible roles to play here.

Jungle / Team Support

This guy right here.  This is the guy who can break your team in half with a rolling snowball.  Either you have a great jungler who doesn’t mindlessly farm creeps in the jungle while your lanes get torn to shreds, or well.  You know how the other side goes.

Starting in Jungle usually puts you at either red buff or blue buff golem.  The blue buff gives you mana regeneration, and the red buff gives you an attack burn damage over time.  Which you start at is your own preference, and might be dictated according to the champ you play.

The problem here, during the first minute and thirty seconds of the game, lies in the jungle team fight.  Learn what champs can pub stomp in pre-game team jungle fight.  Play those or avoid them like the plague if you see them on the other team, usually Champs with pulls like Blitzcrank, Pyke, Nautilus, etc.  Chances are if you see one enemy champ, there’s more, and if there’s more, and they all rush you, guess what? easy first blood.  Use those trinkets wisely at the start, and carefully.

Jungler Priorities

  1. help team mates first – always always always help your team mates over killing jungle creeps.  Scuttle crab near dragon or help midlane who’s down to less than half life and enemy team yasuo could potentially kill your lux mid, and you have a nice nunu jungle to help kill that mean nasty yasuo mid.  Yea.  Go mid.  Their yasuo will be ANGRY that his jungler didn’t come mid to counter your jungler’s move by coming mid, instead killing scuttle crab.  Yasuo lost the lane, and that helps secure lux as a helpful ally later.  Friends help frends.

  2. scuttle crabs! – yes, I just said these little guys aren’t priority.  But, they’re priority if you don’t need to help a lane.  Always try your BEST to secure scuttles over ANY other buff you might while in jungle because they provide VISION.  VISION is THE most important aspect of winning a game.  VISION CRAB VISION CRAB VISION CRAB.  Kinda like a babble fish.  Just ask the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  3. blah blah blah

Bottom Lane

Bottom lane consists of two roles typically.   Traditionally the team marksman and the marksman support.  However, there are quite a few non meta roles that end up down here from time to time, just not in high ranking / professional games.  

the real basics of lane phase

I played through the 2020 tutorials.  They’re far too simple.  talk about creep score, lane control, plays and counter plays, ganks.

creep score


lane control





peel threatening

crowd control



objectives are chess pieces, the map is a chessboard


how to play when your team is behind

So many people think this game is won from kills alone.  Yes, kill count equals income.  But, I’ve seen many games won by a smart tactician, who instead controls moving the enemy team around the map.  Talk about that whole process here.

how to team fight

Talk about the mechanics of team fighting here, starting with the initiation.




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meta analysis tool and summoner name lookup – op.gg
complete list of champions – champions list
league of legends lore – lore list
league of legends server status – status


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Steam’s Boat has a Leak They Don’t Plan to Fix

A short while ago a friend of mine posted to me this article about two new Steam security holes found by outside sources that participated in Steam’s bounty program:


Here’s a link to the Russian article:


Twitter post from Matt Nelson:

That Fucking Wall and Shutting Down the Government


I’ll put it flatly, and with color. Fuck that wall. Fuck Nazis. Fuck White Power. Fuck Racism. Fuck anyone who’s stupid enough, or racist enough, or selfish enough, to support that bullshit. Keep that shit shutdown until the government is ran again by somewhat sensible people, trying to do sensible things to protect the American people. I’m not Republican. I’m not Democrat. I’m not Liberal. I’m an American who believes in American qualities and the right to say fuck. And fuck you for trying to put a label on me.

“Policy arguments” don’t happen because one policy is actually better. They happen because one group of people wants to get away with something. Either the other group lets them, or they don’t. There’s no argument about what’s right and moral. The argument stems from how many people agree on this or that for their benefit. The argument comes when you get a greedy rich man trying to convince the poor guy that if he votes for x law, he can keep his pennies instead of paying them in taxes, because that’s better than actually getting a well deserved minimum wage increase that comes out of rich man’s pocket.

Sure, keep your tax pennies as long as I don’t have to pay you dollars more from my ever growing massive basket of wealth. you go right ahead. Oh, and I’m going to sneak in taking money from your Social Security to pay for my debts because hey, you don’t need that money mr. poor man, and I need to pay off my massive debts from my own stupidity. So say the greedy rich.

Keep your guns so you can kill each other with them. one less person to worry about wanting my glorious money, my almighty God, in whom I trust and steal from every person I can. You know why people got upset about Obamacare? Because the second half of the plan, to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour, didn’t get implemented because of the greedy rich. How DARE those with less money than I want a better quality of life! They didn’t EARN it by taking money from the work of others! So says the greedy rich. The republicans sure did a great job of fucking things up for the majority of Americans. The only quality of life that matters to them is their own.

You know why Trump wants to build that wall? Simple. He’s afraid. He promised people who voted for him, who’ve little ethics and few morals, that he would build that wall, and they told him if he didn’t follow through he and his family would be in danger. There’s a reason why American Presidents in the past don’t make deals with terrorists and the criminally minded.


If a “fair deal” does not emerge by Feb. 15, Trump said, there could be another government shutdown or he could declare a national emergency, a move that could allow him to direct the military to build the wall without congressional consent. Such an action would likely face an immediate legal challenge.

Washington Post

You can achieve your dreams!

In discussion today on Facebook, one guy said ”
Make your dream a reality. We are humans, that’s what we do.”

That’s not always possible. And please don’t give me any silver cloud fluffy garbage about how it is. There are things that happen in life, brought about by others or ourselves, that can completely block any pursuit or advancement toward one’s dreams. If you’re one of those who’s not experienced that, great. And you can believe that it should be that way for others, but it’s not. And all you’d do by trying to espouse that it should be for all to people who’ve not achieved their dreams is cause those people a greater personal sadness because it’s not true for them.

I’d like to add, and here’s where my “liberal” or “democratic” or “socialistic” mentality comes in, if you want to help others to achieve their dreams, and to overcome the blocks they have, that’s an extremely noble goal, which can become very personally taxing, and it adds an element of chaos that could result in the person you’re helping actually achieve their goals.

If you want to help others, you might have to step up, and take responsibility for other people, those you want to help. But never mention to them that they can do it. They’ve been told that many times before,and they couldn’t on their own. And, to be realistic, no one achieves success on their own to begin with. They only distort the reality to aggrandize themselves in their own ego.

The Battle for Star Wars

I wrote the below in response to this video –

Star Wars isn’t dead. lol. What’s happened is that some people don’t like the direction some of the movies went in. When I was young, I watched each movie of the original 3 ( 4 5 and 6 just to be clear) well over 200 times each. I used to be able to say each line of those movies from all the characters right along with them.

One cannot critique a movie without having personally seen it. So, to say you’ve boycotted it while you’ve seen it is counter intelligent. You’ve not boycotted anything. You’re bitching because the movie or movies didn’t go your way. Don’t confuse those words. I’m not supporting the story or characters of the new movies by saying it. I hope you’re intelligent enough to discern the difference. If you rage at me for typing that, then I guess not. And, you missed my point.

I saw the original movies (4 5 and 6) in the theater. They were amazing to see during my childhood, and I suggest them to anyone raising children. And this is where my point comes in. Star Wars wasn’t intended as an adult movie franchise. George Lucas himself says that. Try looking at the new movies in that light. Look at how a child might see those characters you’ve criticized, and you might see something completely different than your adult eyes will allow.

The old skool Star Wars fans have all grown up. Watching these movies as a grown up is very different than during childhood. Children don’t have expectations as adults do. Children don’t have awareness of adult political arguments, or the political climate going on at the time a movie was made. Children don’t understand that the United States of America is having a Morality and Ethics War, nor should they. But, these paint how adults look at movies.

I’ve seen arguments about what a strong woman should be related to the Star Wars series. This argument belongs in political / moral / ethical discussion (it’s more a discussion that should exist in the realm of politics, ethics, morality and psychology), but emotionally driven people can’t help but spew their garbage all over the place, even attempting to relate it to children’s movies, because they don’t have the knowledge to address these issues in a formal setting, with people who do.

I’ve got to say this. The only one who can say what a strong woman should be is woman. No man can define what a strong woman should be, unless he’s quoting from or taking observations from a strong woman he knows, or knew. Men who bash on depictions of strong women put themselves into a weak position to begin with.

Many adults go to see these movies, wanting an adult experience of the Star Wars Universe. But, those just don’t exist, at least not yet. I’ve yet to see a Star Wars movie receive an R rating. Of the 10 currently released Star Wars movies, 5 have a PG rating, while the other 5 hold PG-13 ratings. To me, the target of these movies, based on the ratings, shows they’re for children and young teenagers.

Spoiler Alert here (Don’t read this paragraph if you’ve not seen and want to see The Last Jedi). As example, to show how the movie caters to the teenage rebellion mentality, I’ll bring to mind how Poe Dameron rebels against Vice Admiral Holdo. He knows better than any old mother type figure could possibly know, right? I’ll also bring to mind also the anger issue that Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) deals with, which is very similar to what new teenagers go through when experiencing the increasing strength of emotion that happens on the way to adulthood.

Maybe it’s time disenfranchised fans, those disenchanted by the new Star Wars movies, understand that the movies might not have been made for them, but for children and young teens according to the ratings and George Lucas’ original vision for Star Wars, as entertainment for kids. May the Force be with You.

Why “Democratic” Capitalism doesn’t Work

So, somehow I ended up today at this:

Lets do what you’re doing @StevenCrowder, but with what you support – What is Democratic Capitalism? Saying “I have the right to make as much money as I want with as little government interference as I can talk everybody else into accepting through votes, lack of knowledge, and the general financial depression that causes people to sit in their chairs and do nothing.” It’s saying “I don’t want to share my money with anyone else, even though I’ve got 90% of all the money. I don’t give a damn about the lives of other people as long as they don’t try to interfere with how much money I’m allowed to keep for myself. I certainly don’t give a damn about their health. I don’t want to pay for healthcare, and I don’t want to pay for their schooling, and I don’t give a damn about the future beyond my own lifestyle and my family.

The worst thing in the world for people like this is what happened in the past, the Great Depression, when money had absolutely no value. How did that happen? We the people stopped buying the top 90%’s products. We the People stopped buying their bullshit, we the People went on, living as we were, poor as hell, hunting for our food, etc. What did the rich do back then? Many of them killed themselves because we the People destroyed the value of their paper.

Democratic Capitalism is not what the founding fathers intended for America when they first presented the Declaration of Independence, then constituted the Articles of Confederation, and later the Constitution of the United States. Did you know the Constitution was revised in 1992? That means it can be revised again, and changed, or completely re-written. 56 People signed the Declaration of Independence. It took 56 people to create a new system of government and country.

The Declaration didn’t say the unalienable Rights are “…the pursuit of Life, the pursuit of Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness,” No. The Declaration of Independence said specifically:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This falls on deaf ears here toward StevenCrowder. This is more a rallying call to those who stumble across this as I did, who’re sick of the disturbed, ignorant, and egoistic prattle that spews from the greedy mouths of those who’ve lost sight of the fact that no one accomplishes anything by themselves, and being as such it’s in the best interest of all to take care of each other to the best of our abilities.

You don’t get a job on your own, or by yourself. People built that car you’re driving to the interview. People came up with safety laws that you must go by when driving to the interview. People created the gas you put in your car to get there. People selected you to interview. A person or People interviewed you.

The rich, like Trump, didn’t get rich on their own. Their parents and grandparents, in his case, sold something that many people wanted, healthy for the people or not. They didn’t care, often skirting the boundaries of what’s moral and legal to sell to other people, preying on the weaknesses of man. Grow the fuck up and learn what real responsibility is. It’s not just for yourself.

More Info:


Anti-Social is not Anti-Social

The obvious statement is that Trump doesn’t give a damn about the country as a whole, and shouldn’t be President. It’s sad that if I say “anti-social” in relation to Trump, many people think that’s a good thing because the only thing that comes to mind in a political sense is “Socialism” of the past. They ignore the reality of the psychological definition entirely, which means “to be against the welfare and success of others; to seek to sabotage the welfare of others; to not consider others’ needs.”

The definition of Anti-Social in Politics goes against the definition of Anti_social in mental health. Chew on that.

Bernie Sanders on Democratic Socialism:

Explanation from MSNBC –

When “I Love You” is Like Breathing

I don’t usually post these kind of thoughts here.

I have experienced many physical pains. But no pain I’ve felt hurts as much as the pain of loneliness. No, I don’t mean loneliness of not hanging out with friends. No friend can fill that hole. I’m talking about the pain of separation from the person you need to hug.

Not want to hug, but need to hug. Your soul cries quietly in the rain until you can get that heartfelt connected embrace. It’s far more than two bodies embracing. It’s your complete being embracing. Only one person can fill that emptiness.

The person to which you say “I love you” and it’s like breathing. It’s like when you hug you can breath again, and anything before that is like gasping for air, but not being able to get enough air to breathe, no matter how hard you try.


“I have no patience for people who are trying to troll or cause trouble on the wiki”Iamacyborg (Curse Inc. Wiki Admin)

I am the hellcat
what do you think of that
your trolling conversations
your weak assertations
from your insuperiority complex
inferiority convexation
such a hallow dissertation
like staring at the inside of an empty bowl
insults so insidious
attempt to subvert my intelligence
for just a second of joy
to think of me like a toy
just because I respond
no I won’t abscond
but I might steal your mind
I think you left it behind
same place you left your humanity
where you forgot your dignity
when you dropped your decency on the floor
and no, people won’t ignore
they’ll shut you down
just like the clown with an hateful face
you’ve got no place among good people
so you stab with your words
subversive insults so absurd
bash on others to give yourself a high
but deep inside you know it’s all a lie
you want to get in a war with me
your mind can’t handle what I’ve seen
you would crumble under the weight of the pain
as you silently mumble, “oh, this is so lame”
then move on …
because this cat has been through hell
and you’ve not even seen the fire

Trolls 2

“if you could put me in touch with someone who manages the wiki and can deal with troll accounts then I’d be happy to talk with them and organize something where someone cannot use variants of my name.”ZiggyD

fucking troll hoes
who don’t know
who can’t flow
you can’t step to me
they can’t fucking see
what I’ve been through
throwin’ all your “boos”
step to me in life
you really wanna fight?
no I don’t mean in the physical
are you fucking mental
cyber delusional
aching for a power trip
just because you’re not hip
jealousy baby?
maybe I guess we’ll see.
You say you make the fire
that’s just your desire
I am the master of the flames
you’re the master of the lame
You think you’re going to master me?
I’m the master of the catastrophe.