You can achieve your dreams!

In discussion today on Facebook, one guy said ”
Make your dream a reality. We are humans, that’s what we do.”

That’s not always possible. And please don’t give me any silver cloud fluffy garbage about how it is. There are things that happen in life, brought about by others or ourselves, that can completely block any pursuit or advancement toward one’s dreams. If you’re one of those who’s not experienced that, great. And you can believe that it should be that way for others, but it’s not. And all you’d do by trying to espouse that it should be for all to people who’ve not achieved their dreams is cause those people a greater personal sadness because it’s not true for them.

I’d like to add, and here’s where my “liberal” or “democratic” or “socialistic” mentality comes in, if you want to help others to achieve their dreams, and to overcome the blocks they have, that’s an extremely noble goal, which can become very personally taxing, and it adds an element of chaos that could result in the person you’re helping actually achieve their goals.

If you want to help others, you might have to step up, and take responsibility for other people, those you want to help. But never mention to them that they can do it. They’ve been told that many times before,and they couldn’t on their own. And, to be realistic, no one achieves success on their own to begin with. They only distort the reality to aggrandize themselves in their own ego.