That Fucking Wall and Shutting Down the Government

I’ll put it flatly, and with color. Fuck that wall. Fuck Nazis. Fuck White Power. Fuck Racism. Fuck anyone who’s stupid enough, or racist enough, or selfish enough, to support that bullshit. Keep that shit shutdown until the government is ran again by somewhat sensible people, trying to do sensible things to protect the American people. I’m not Republican. I’m not Democrat. I’m not Liberal. I’m an American who believes in American qualities and the right to say fuck. And fuck you for trying to put a label on me.

“Policy arguments” don’t happen because one policy is actually better. They happen because one group of people wants to get away with something. Either the other group lets them, or they don’t. There’s no argument about what’s right and moral. The argument stems from how many people agree on this or that for their benefit. The argument comes when you get a greedy rich man trying to convince the poor guy that if he votes for x law, he can keep his pennies instead of paying them in taxes, because that’s better than actually getting a well deserved minimum wage increase that comes out of rich man’s pocket.

Sure, keep your tax pennies as long as I don’t have to pay you dollars more from my ever growing massive basket of wealth. you go right ahead. Oh, and I’m going to sneak in taking money from your Social Security to pay for my debts because hey, you don’t need that money mr. poor man, and I need to pay off my massive debts from my own stupidity. So say the greedy rich.

Keep your guns so you can kill each other with them. one less person to worry about wanting my glorious money, my almighty God, in whom I trust and steal from every person I can. You know why people got upset about Obamacare? Because the second half of the plan, to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour, didn’t get implemented because of the greedy rich. How DARE those with less money than I want a better quality of life! They didn’t EARN it by taking money from the work of others! So says the greedy rich. The republicans sure did a great job of fucking things up for the majority of Americans. The only quality of life that matters to them is their own.

You know why Trump wants to build that wall? Simple. He’s afraid. He promised people who voted for him, who’ve little ethics and few morals, that he would build that wall, and they told him if he didn’t follow through he and his family would be in danger. There’s a reason why American Presidents in the past don’t make deals with terrorists and the criminally minded.

If a “fair deal” does not emerge by Feb. 15, Trump said, there could be another government shutdown or he could declare a national emergency, a move that could allow him to direct the military to build the wall without congressional consent. Such an action would likely face an immediate legal challenge.

Washington Post