How Do You Keep Yourself Grounded When Your World is Falling Apart?

This was a conversation I stirred up today in response to the headline:

me – “Get Trump impeached.”

Nathan – “Oh shut up”

me – ” is that a comment to the original poster? me? or the person before me?”
(he didn’t do it as a reply, but it was immediately below my comment.)

(after no response, I looked at his facebook public page to see what he talks about, to see if it gives an idea of what kind of person he is)
me – ” I see you’re totally following your own advice from november – “I urge you all. Start spreading love everywhere!!! I mean be nice to douchebag drivers and peeps. “.”

Nathan – “Someone that pays attention. Well, I’m wrong then. Sorry. A change of opinion. I’ve heard of that.”

Then I post – “Nathan here’s a little something for ya –”

Nathan – “And what does that prove That maybe you are still ignorant and want your liberal trash pushed on everyone. Leftist”
(sadly, no lack of grammar, but hey, I get what he means, and of course it’s negative.)

Me – “lol. what a troll. I have one for that too. Sorry you’re a selfish little child, who likes to antagonize because he can’t sympathize with others very well I guess it’s all the hell he’s put himself through from the lies inside his mind about people.

Yea, I’m guessing you’ve got nothing to do with the steeple, or maybe someone who’s got a false face, you’d rather show your own disgrace and ignorance bluntly because your emotional growth is stunted. Sorry about that, I guess you didn’t get enough attention as a child, but you dialed the wrong number by messaging me,

you can keep goin’ and we can see exactly just how slow you are to realize exactly how deep your self misdirection goes, where it from flows, the lies in your heart.

Conversation over. It’s dead, leave it be. Stop tryin’ to fuck with me.”

Don – “Wow, how long were you saving that spiel?”
(oh my thank god grammar!!)

me – “@Don lol. saving? That’s amusing.”

Don – “Just looks like you were waiting for the right opportunity to unload that rant!”

me – “it’s not a rant, i incant creativity from off the cuff I guess you didn’t get enough. it’s just how I work. you can think of it as a creative twerk if you like. now go take a hike unless you want to have meaningful polite conversation. :)”

Don – “I was being polite and didn’t call any names or was insulting but I guess you’re the kiing here becasue you feel you have the authority to hijack a thought provoking post and tell people to take a hike. You should look closely in the mirror before you start judging people. Have a nice day.”
(backpedaling, going down the road of wishing me well.)

Nathan – “Maybe your right Doesn’t mean I have to like what u say”

me – “@Don are you serious? you don’t see the sarcasm and sour tone in “how long were you saving that spiel?” You can’t sell that to me. Open your eyes, can you see?

No deal man no deal. those bones you toss at me have spurs, no sir I won’t accept that your intention was good, I can punch through it like rotten wood. You took offense, maybe you misunderstood, when I said “you can take a hike unless you want to have meaningful polite conversation.” Your mind held only “you can take a hike.” well, mike, no, sorry it’s Don, common and check what you’re thinking against what I wrote, you might find you missed the boat on that one, or you’re intentionally rocking it. If so stop it. 😉

(and, this is what I do, I take things people say that have a negative tone and flip them around like a fish to stay on the ground, when the world falls down. winky wink to Stever)

and yea Don, calling it a spiel has a definite negative connotation. It’s a definite implied stipulation that commenting on facebook generates reaction and thought, albeit not what you want, perhaps, but to think that Stever won’t have creative people on her friend’s list, well I’m sorry I guess I missed..

the memo that demanded I give flat dry retort. Now, can we all be good sports and talk about ways you stay on the ground? lets dig into the profound instead of giving me a pound…ing. 😉

my hats off to Stever, a fellow weaver of words.”

don – “I see your point and apologize for not phrasing it better. I was reacting to your “creative” insulting behavior toward another poster. I dind’t meant to be condenscending. People on Karens site are creative and< I’m guessing, don’t wish to have politics brought into the realm of things. There are political forums for that. But I digress. I would think with all of your creativity and intellect that you would have looked at the content of my response instead of the word after all of the “creative insulting” you had just layed out for another on this post. I guess it doesn’t matter to you tho and that’s fine. Our paths will never cross outside of here. Again, I’m sorry if I offended you and will choose not to respond to this discussion between you and also apologize to Karen Stever for this discussion on her post. Yes Karen is a master weaver of words as you put it, but chooses not to use her gift to insult people who show a difference of opinion. I wish you well in all your future endeavors Richard!”

me – “Sitting aside my creative rhyming this time, I’ll comment further. I could get into the Aristotlean thesis / anti-thesis = synthesis, but that’s complex, and involves a study of pure logic and logical fallacies. (here’s a basic list if your interest is peaked – ) But, I’ll leave it there unless prodded.

Grounding oneself contains within it gaining the ability to, and facing truthfully, without an emotionally distorted slant, all the reality of the ground. I answered the question truthfully, and from my heart when I said “Get Trump Impeached.” This is a place of truthfulness. What’s going on in my country worries me, and brings me to action. I do what I can about it.

I live in a nursing home. I’ve had two strokes, and can’t talk any longer, nor can I sing. In losing that, I lost a part of my heart, but I can still write.

I didn’t become bitingly playful until Nathan attacked / lashed out / tried to claim my first amendment right of speech. At first, I was questioning about his comment. it’s not clear who he’s reacting to exactly, and I had to go off of that his comment rests below mine. Then, I went to see what kind of person he might be by reading over his profile. I found the comment of his that I copied saying that he’s not using his own advice, about treating people kindly. That was the beginning. Then it went on from there, until he called me a “leftist.”

“Leftist” is a derogatory term. People use “leftist” when they want to convey, in a somewhat socially acceptable (at least on the right side), that someone is an unthinking fool. ( That was an attack to which I won’t stand down from, nor should I.

From what you said Don, “I was reacting to your “creative” insulting behavior toward another poster,” I discerned an indication that either: 1. you side with him in what he commented, or 2. you didn’t fully read the conversation between he and I first, and therefore didn’t see that he attacked me first.

Some say it’s childish to attack back when attacked. I disagree. When our beliefs are attacked, we must stand strong. Yet, we must also question our beliefs each moment someone attacks those beliefs to test them against logic and love. I can say that, if you’re Christian, Jesus certainly didn’t hold back in the temple, whip in hand.

I don’t call myself Christian. But, I can certainly use context from any source, philosophical, religious, mythological, scientific, or current.

So many people feel they can’t effect the situation, that they’ve lost power. One guy above said that directly, that he always feels that way before he lashes out. People don’t want to “bring politics” into any discussion area because they feel powerless against it. But, we’re far from powerless.

So, ground yourself. Do a push up or two, and realize you just pushed away the weight of the world.”

Don – “Understood! Peace to you!”

Nathan – “Ok let’s talk. I’m listening / Very well spoken. I’ll give you that but I still don’t like you / Wisdom is better than knowledge. Faith is better also. You sir are wrong.”

me – “Nathan I shall question first my assertion, then I shall question your doubt.”

Nathan – “You win / Excellent points”

me – “nathan a place in your heart? then gg. If not, then all for nothing. I think they said that somewhere differently, something about being a clanging cymbal or resounding gong. ;)”

Nathan – “Don’t ever be cocky when you win an argument”

me – “to speak with arrogance after building a bridge would soon after turn the bridge into a wall.”

Nathan – “U think your so smart don’t you. Gloating is a sign of ignorance”

me – “Nathan perhaps I’m as ignorant as you believe me to be, perhaps more. Something to question, isn’t it?”

Nathan – “Something I can’t reasonably respond to. Nice / U are showing your colors”

me – “I sure hope so.”

Nathan – “I really don’t like you. But I respect you either way”

Then I say in a different thread:

me – “How many people here realize that we’re doing the exact thing necessary to stay on earth when our world falls apart? What are we doing by commenting on facebook? Reaching out, communicating, sharing, discussing. Connecting.

Some people, though, you gotta punch them before they’ll give you a hug. I guess that’s just how they like it. Or, at least, that’s what they’re used to.”

Nathan – “I like this guy Richard Miller. Even though he’s an asshole”

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