Some guy on facebook said:

So basically, no incentive for anyone to study hard and spend thousands or dollars and hundred of hours more to become a physician or any highly skilled profession to serve the community.

I’m sure there are many other aspects of Communism that are wonderful in theory, but in reality it simply doesn’t work.

I had to respond, to stand up against this childish thinking, and correct it like I would an unruly child. You’ll find my response below:

The “Communism” argument is so tired, expired, and disgustingly weak. People who try to hold back man from reaching towards civilization’s peak. People who stick “Communism” on any fucking thing that goes against the greed machine that Capitalism breeds. Grow the fuck up and share your toys with others Donald Trump. Stop trying to dump selfish ideas out your ass, camoflaged in the crap of false patriotism, shit stained nationalism. But, bitchy little “toddlers” throw tantrums, God I can’t can’t stand them, billions of toys locked away in his room, tellin’ us “we have the right to be greedy?” That’s not a goal, that’s what a rich man tells you when he doesn’t want to share. Get that crap outta here.

I’ll line by line these for you:
If your primary incentive for becoming a physician is money, you’re focusing on serving yourself, not the community.

A person shouldn’t have to spend anything for a college education of their choice.

Success shouldn’t be measured by how much cash you managed to stockpile.

Succcess should be measured by how positively you effect others lives.

TLDR: Dude, most parents I know teach their kids to share. Sharing /= Communism for fuck’s sake. Social growth /= Communism. Greed /= Good. Some rich motherfucker telling you “Vote for me, I won’t tax you.” just means he doesn’t want to BE taxed. And guess what? He taxes you, and makes damn sure to destroy any laws that require him to pay you a decent wage.

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