When “I Love You” is Like Breathing

I don’t usually post these kind of thoughts here.

I have experienced many physical pains. But no pain I’ve felt hurts as much as the pain of loneliness. No, I don’t mean loneliness of not hanging out with friends. No friend can fill that hole. I’m talking about the pain of separation from the person you need to hug.

Not want to hug, but need to hug. Your soul cries quietly in the rain until you can get that heartfelt connected embrace. It’s far more than two bodies embracing. It’s your complete being embracing. Only one person can fill that emptiness.

The person to which you say “I love you” and it’s like breathing. It’s like when you hug you can breath again, and anything before that is like gasping for air, but not being able to get enough air to breathe, no matter how hard you try.