Battlefield 1

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Created by: DICE
Game Site: Battlefield 1
ESRB Rating: M for mature

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Battlefield 1 takes you into world war one, to give you experience of what that war was like. Brutal tactics and war machines, you’ll encounter blimps, planes, ships, horses, and the weaponry of the time. Yes, it has swords. However, you’ll spend more time dead than playing the game, and the menus are terribly un-intuitive. With a friend, I took a test spin on this game during the last EA Origin sale.

We spent time trying to figure out how to get into a game together. For some reason the developers decided it was a good idea with this menu’s iteration to allow people in a party to join different game instances. Does that make sense? Why join a party to play with friends if you’re going to join a different map or instance? No, that’s not a good design decision. Common guys, follow the implications of an action or idea. We join parties with friends to play with friends in the same instance and in the same map, to say it a second time.

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